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     Now imagine the situation. You live in an extended family and you like it. But your friend doesn’t enjoy living with his family and wants to leave his home. Try to persuade him not to do it. Say that everything is not so bad as he might think. Remember that When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness.  You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.
 Your friend (tell about your plans): You know, I’m going to ….
 You (express your attitude and ask about reasons): You don’t say so! In my opinion …. Why ….
 Your friend (explain reasons of your decision): I hate …. I don’t  like ….
 You (ask to discuss one of the reasons in details):  Could you explain why you …
 Your friend (tell what you dislike in your relationship with family the best, give examples ): My  …. is always (do)ing ….
 You (proposepossiblereasonswhy his family behaves in this way): They (he, she) might be … Perhaps they …..
 Your friend (express doubt): I don’t really think that ….
 You (tell about your situation and how you solve such problems): As for me … .In our family …
 Your friend (end the talk): ….
 Write an essay “The Person Who Inspires Me”
(Л. 1 р. 6-7, active vocabulary)

The list of some idioms related with the topic “Family ties”
Try to match them with their definitions

the definitions of the idioms
1)    the apple of one’s eye;
a)    pleasure and fun;
2)     to share joys and sorrows;
b)    an ideal man;
3)    to come of good kin;
c)     a relative;
4)    next of kin;
d)    some unpleasant mystery (secret);
5)    smb’s nearest and dearest;
e)     the dearest person;
6)    Mr Right;
f)      members of the family and close people;
7)    a black sheep;
g)    to be born in a good friendly family;
8)    a skeleton in the family cupboard;
h)    a person who is in the centre of conflicts;
9)    a bed of roses.
      i)  to exchange happy and unhappy                       moments


The Person Who Inspires Me
By Ann
Successful people in every field have certain characteristics in common. It is worth our time to analyze the characteristics of a person who is now where we would like to be in future. Some teens turn to pop singers or actors for inspiration but many find inspiration much closer to home. I'm one of them. My mum is my role model, a person who has made a major impact on my life.
My mum is a tall beautiful fair-haired woman of about 40. She has the kindest greenish-grey eyes and a nice smile. She is easy-going and friendly and we always have a great time together.
My mum works hard Monday to Friday to ensure that every day basic needs are met for our family. She is very successful because she's very determined and hard-working. Although she works really hard for our family, she manages to find time for me. She says that the family comes first and then a career.
My mum is a truly remarkable person. We often joke in our family that our house has a star in the window to signal a safe place for everyone. My Mum always offers a helping hand to others - a kind word, a joke or a listening ear. Ours is a house where there is always a big, delicious meal and plenty of extra seats for those who would stop by and for those who sometimes come and stay. My mum simply loves people and they love her.
We are very close and we often share secrets. We work together to solve our problems. My mum is very supportive, encouraging me to study well. She says I mustn't be so frustrated about my failures and cry so much. My mum's photo is on my desk and every time I have to take a serious decision I check as if it were her choice. It helps me in my walks of life
My mum is my inspiration because she never puts pressure on me. Her achievements make me work on my own personality. I try to do my best to be successful in my studies. I've got many friends and they can always rely on me.      .
It is impossible to become exactly like someone else and there is no need to. We have to remain ourselves but strive to acquire new traits of character to help us achieve our goals.
 Ex. 1.Choose the correct item (А, В or С) to answer the questions (1-4) according to the text.

1.What is a great pleasure for the author?
A to write about the beauty of the world
В to write about the person who has made a major impact on her life
С to write about the people who help in life
2.What sentence best describes the mother?
A She's a truly remarkable person.
В She's pleasant most of the time.
С She is too dedicated to her work.
3.How is the girl's mother supportive?
A She encourages the girl to study well and helps her solve the problems. В She gives her enough pocket money.
С She tells the girl what to do.
4.Why does the girl consider her mother to be an inspiration?
A She always praises her daughter.
В She does all the work for her daughter.
С She never puts pressure on her daughter and she lets her express herself freely.

Робота в парах
 Discuss the questions.
1. Who does the person write about?
2. What life situations does she describe?
3. Does the author describe her Mum's appearance? How?
4.  What does she say about the mum's personality?
5. Does the author include any examples?
6. Why does a teen need a role model?
7.     What does the author write about the mother's success at work?
8.     How does she describe the mother's character traits?
9.     Who is your role model? Why?

Write an essay “The Person Who Inspires Me”

 Skim reading.
       The Council of Europe’s primary goal is to achieve a greater unity between its 47 member states in safeguarding individual freedom, political liberty and the rule of law-principles of which from the basis of all genuine democracy and which touch the lives of all Europeans in many different ways. All its member states are under an obligation to base government action on these principles.
Since its creation in 1949, the Council of Europe has been a force for peace and cooperation, anchored in our common heritage, in human rights and democracy. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the spread of democratic values through Europe, the organization gained a new political dimension. Today the Council of Europe embodies the shared commitment of some 800 million Europeans to human rights, democracy and the rule of law.
- What ate the main aims and duties of the Council of Europe?
- How many member states are in it?
- How long the organization has been working?
- What problems does this organization solve?
 Short review of the text beginning with… the main idea of this text is… (3-5 sentences).
 Group discussion” Where do you stand by?” (3-4 pupils in each group)
 Topics for discussions:
GR.1 “Human rights are idyllic. They do not have any real sense.
GR 2 “Human rights are being changed. It means they are never constant.”
GR 3 “Youth must not learn their rules. They must know and obey their duties.”   
GR 4 “I do not need to know my rights. It is my state’s business and I trust it.”

Making rights scale. (Pupils write human rights in order of importance according to their point of view (about 5 rights).
Mini-monologues. (Pupils explain their choice motivating their points of view).
All-class discussion and summary of the previous work.
Sample: P1 says: “Main human rights are written in the following articles:
Article 1.- Right to live.
Article 5 - Right for freedom and personal independence.
Articles 6, 7 - Right for just court and punishment based on the law.
Article 8.-Right for freedom of privacy.
Article 10 - Right for freedom to have and express one’s opinion.
Article 12 - Right to create a family.

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